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Custom Design

3. Design & Concept Refinement.  We create the finished design, carefully considering proportion, engineering, manufacturability and cost.  In this phase material samples are often shown, as are models or prototypes.  After client approval of the finished design, engineering drawings are completed.
4. Production & Quality Assurance. 
To meet our client's diverse and exacting needs, we work with a select group of talented artists, craftspeople and specialty vendors.  Each team member brings their unique talents and experience to the project.  Every step in the production process is carefully monitored by Fireborne.  As each part of the award is complete, we oversee incorporation of that element into the completed design.  If your award program includes specialty packaging, it will be designed and produced at this time.
5. Distribution. 
To provide a complete turnkey program, Fireborne will ship finished awards on behalf of the client, anywhere, globally.


We answer your need for creative business recognition awards